Farmland Solutions LLC Brokerage is an Illinois licensed Real Estate Limited Liability firm.


Land Sellers

A land seller needs to know what their property is worth. Kent and Rob either know or can find out what price comparable properties have sold for and suggest a marketing strategy.

Kent and Rob have an extensive network of contacts that are either land buyers or can put them in touch with land buyers.

Land Buyers

Experience really helps. Of the many properties for sale, only one can be the best value. Kent often tells buyers, "You can't just look at what is there; you have to be able to see what is not there." For some basics of farmland investing, read Kent's article "Invest in Farmland -- Me?"

Analysis: projected return on investment, detriments to value and the estimated cost to cure them, specialty crop opportunities, cash flow and tax considerations ... all are important to the land buyer.

farm management

Farm Management

Every farm is unique and every farm owner is unique. Kent and Rob make sure they understand both the land and the landowner so their clients receive a tailored level of management service that best fits both.

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farm brokerage

Farm Brokerage

Farmland Solutions LLC has decades of experience in buying and selling farmland. Have land for sale? Kent, Rob, and Michael can find a buyer. Want to buy land? Kent, Rob, and Michael will look for the land that best fits your needs.

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farm owner consultation

Farm Owner Consultation

Some landowners think they don't need full professional management. Perhaps they have experience both in agriculture and in business, but don't have experience with a particular issue, or the time to devote to solving a problem.

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