Caring for your farmland investment

Every farm is unique and every farm owner is unique. Kent and Rob make sure they understand both the land and the landowner so their clients receive a tailored level of management service that best fits both.

Clients receive regular communications, financial reports, photographs and updates on general agricultural issues. Seed and insurance companies provide volume discounts to clients.

Types of Problems Fixed by Farmland Solutions LLC

  • What level of insurance do I need on the farm buildings? How much liability insurance?
  • Would adding drainage tile be profitable?
  • Is the verbal lease I have with my tenant okay?
  • I'd like to buy farmland - where do I start?
  • I want to sell my farm - what should I do? What are the tax consequences? What would be a fair price?
  • How do I go about renting my farm to hunters? What is a reasonable price? What could I do to improve wildlife habitat on my land?
  • Do I qualify for government loan programs? Will the government help pay for the cost of installing soil conservation structures or practices?