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Owners Kent Kraft and Rob Woodrow started Farmland Solutions LLC in February of 2009, in Sherman, Illinois. Anyone who owns farmland could benefit from their expertise in farm management, brokerage, or consultation services. Kent and Rob have grown their business and now look after tens of thousands of farmland acres across the U.S. Midwest.

Using their "muddy boots" philosophy, they obtain deep knowledge of each farm they manage, purchase, or sell for their customers. Their extensive property inspections reduce surprises from situations that require owner or land buyer expense or action. They always act as agents for their owner-clients but consider the farm operator as a business partner, not an adversary. 

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List price $31,000,000

Every farm is unique and every farm owner is unique. Kent and Rob make sure they understand both the land and the landowner so their clients receive a tailored level of management service that best fits both.

A land seller needs to know what their property is worth. Kent and Rob either know or can find out what price comparable properties have sold for and suggest a marketing strategy.

Some landowners think they don't need full professional management. Perhaps they have experience both in agriculture and in business, but don't have experience with a particular issue, or the time to devote to solving a problem.